The Gallaghers are ready to
sell their home.

The market's hot and it's time
to cash out.

After 22 years, the Gallaghers have
a strong attachment to the house.

Emotions can cloud judgement,
especially when negotiating.

The Nortons fell in love with
the house immediately.
Just think of those summer weekends!

However, it's more than they
were hoping to spend.

The Nortons make a low offer.

The Gallaghers are thrilled to
have an offer.
If they saw the actual number,
they'd be a lot less thrilled…

The Gallaghers make a counter-offer.
The negotiation is underway.

The Nortons offer.

The Gallaghers counter.

The Nortons offer.

The Gallaghers counter.

You've got a deal!